If you need to restore your health, you can sign up for the first session-consultation, during which we will determine the methods, which are suitable for you and right now.

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The following techniques are used during the sessions

Usui Reiki FAM REI.

Two-Channel Linear Chakral Astral Energy:

Healing of humans, animals, plants – direct impact on the problem areas.

Astral Surgery – remediation of psychoemotional blocks, dependencies, phobias.

Methods of Chakra Transformation – healing of body systems and individual organs.

Chakra Cloning – emergency assistance to support the body.

Special techniques and methods of remediation of the negative genetic programs.

Special techniques and methods for the healing of oncology. Blocking of body self-destruction

programs. Encapsulation and then dispersion of the tumor.

Past life therapy, overcoming of a tragic karma.

Ancient Tibetan Priestly Practices.

 Turbulent Astral Energy:

Healing telepathic, vibrational and mental impact.

Mental cell programming.

Tibetan vibrating massage.

Work with business situations, relationships.

Mental energy.

Creation of active health thought forms.

Energy UP.

Energy recovery and healing of human life activity.

Unlike Reiki, this method is touchless – master is working, without touching the client. Comprehensive recovery of the body as an integrated energy system. This method is based on the best principles of Qigong Therapy from India, China and Tibet. The method has been successfully tested and registered in «Aquarius Era Rehabilitation Centre» in the United State.

Theta Healing – removal of destructive beliefs.

removal of charm, evil eye.

Healing of self-esteem, faith in the own abilities.

Release of stress, guilt, regret

Exemption from toxins, radiation

Restoration of the soul integrity

Discovery of senses that have not been known by the person since birth:

– how to be desired and loved;

– what is the luxury and richness;

– confidence and freedom