Ancient Tibetan Priestly Practices

Ancient Tibetan Priestly Practices derives from traditional Tibetan culture. The training consists of several levels.

First level includes working with chakras, learning about a healthy nutritional system, working with sexual energy and learning how to practice Tibetan yoga and Tibetan fitness. During this phase students learn how to work with two different types of Astral Energy. The first Astral Energy Fam Rei is our Chakra Energy. It is linear in nature and it is known in western culture as Reiki energy. The second type of Astral energy is Ta Rei. This energy is turbulent and it is used and studied extensively during Tibetan Priestly Practices seminars. In essence, these two energies are completely different.

We are born with Chakra Energy and we use our own Chakra Energy and Astral Energy Fam Rei to heal. The second Astal Energy Ta Rei we learn how to use during Ancient Priestly Practices training. The first and most important thing that you go through during this seminar is Astral Transformation. This Astral Transformation creates a completely new system of inner Astral Organs. These are four new astral organs. After this Astral Transformation, one develops new abilities, which many call “super powers”. These powers have limitless possibilities. One example of these potential possibilities is the development of telepathy, and the ability to interact with the cell intelligence. These newly acquired Astral Organs can lead to the complete transformation of the physical body. In addition, one learns also the Art of Vibrational Massage, which enhances health and wellness of a person.