Mental Energy


What are Mental Energy and Mental Power?

The school of Mental Energy is a higher form of education, created by the Teachers in Ancient Tibet. The essence of these teachings is mastering mental strength with which we can actively build our life according to our wishes, goals and needs. In general, people have a very low level of mental energy, which is not focused and often contradictory. As they master the Art of working with Mental Energy, they start becoming more successful in all aspects of their lives. Their wishes start materializing much faster and much more frequently.

With strong Mental Energy you will:

Increase energy vibrations of the physical body

Increase Sexual energy

Learn about Harmonization, Breathing techniques, Meditation, and Tibetan gymnastics

Connect with Mental Energy within yourself and in Nature and develop the ability to attract and focus mental powers

Learn how to give your mental energy to the world and nature and develop the ability to influence other objects with mental energy

Create active thought forms and work with your mental field to automatically accept intuitive discovering

Use mental strength to make your wishes come true

Use your own mental strength to influence the mental fields of other people in order to increase their energy vibration and prevent and protect them from any form of manipulation

Achieve true neutrality, regardless of any situation, or any expectations

Develop complete victory over Ego and impulsive behavior