Overcoming Tragic Karma

Psychologists and scientists who study reincarnation have shown that events from our past lives can affect our present physical health, our financial success as well as many other aspects of our everyday lives. A person may have a fear of fire because he or she might have died in a fire in one of their previous lives. Acrophobia (fear of flying) might mean that the person in one of his past lives fell into a precipice or crashed from a parachute. Problems in work or in love may be the result of events that happened many centuries ago.Love issues, fear, or negative patterns of behavior, always have primal roots in the past. Regression Therapy consists of a patient re-living, under the supervision of a therapist, memories that were blocked in the patient’s existing consciousness and which are kept in his subconscious. After the patient relives again the cause of the problem, the therapist separates him from the past condition and the problem disappears instantly. This therapy allows the clients to understand the relationships with certain people from his past lives, and see clearly how those past relationships affect his relationship with the same people in this life. This helps them to resolve many social conflicts and improves their personal relationships with certain people. Today, Regression Therapy for past lives known as “OVERCOMING TRAGIC KARMA”, is one of the most efficient and effective contemporary psychotherapies.