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This project is dedicated to the integration of different energy techniques of recovery and healing of human life activity, to their practical application and training.

Energy structure of the human consists of mental energy, two types of astral energy and three energies of the physical body. The world is not reduced only to these types of energy, but they are basic, and are applied in various kinds of practices. The Mental Energy – tool for creation of ideas and intentions. Our Higher Self. The Astral Energy – energy of forms, which gives energy to the thoughts, and is then materialized in the physical world. The Astral Energy is the basis of Reiki. Reiki deals with the Astral Energy of two types. Linear, Two-Channel and FAM REI – Chakra Energy. And turbulent TA REI. This is the energy of higher levels, which allows working at the level of the cell mind and changing the work of the tissue cells. The Physical Energy – bioenergy, ethereal energy and prana. Physical energy is present in all physical objects, it ensures the vital power of our cells. For example, the quantity and quality of prana in the cells depends on the life expectancy and our youthfulness. All long-livers have large amount of prana! All these energies may be used and must be used during the session of recovery of human life activity and healing.

Everything that happens to us in this world depends on many things: past lives, genetics, childhood, family, school, friends, life, food, ecology, relations, education, career, etc. In addition, we are all different, and it makes impact on each of us. Fatigue, toxins, illnesses, offences and stress are gradually accumulating, and we often do not realize what we need to heal. Body? Soul? Relations? We are consuming chemical medicines in huge quantities, when they do not help, replace them with the other medicines, then again with the other, etc., but the relief does not come. We are moving in a circle from one doctor to another, from the doctor to the healer, from the healer to the doctor, grasping at a straw to heal our body and our life. Comprehensive use of recovery and healing techniques based on the combination of energies of all kinds ensures high efficiency of healing. Within the framework of this project, you can also learn many techniques. No preliminary special training is required.

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