According to the ancient Tibetan sources, Reiki is a healing technique that uses Astral Cosmic Energy, which is transferred to the patient through the Master’s hands. The Reiki energy can be linear (Fam Rei) or turbulent (Ta Rei), used by the the Masters at the highest levels. Master is only a conductor of energy – mediator between the Source and the patient who needs help. Reiki is a simple and efficient healing system. It is absolutely safe to use on everyone (people, animals, plants). Any illness has its cause. Every cell of our body has its energy center in the nucleus. The weakening of energy in the cell, and then in the organ or the system leads to the weakening of the blood flow, which is gradually turning into inflammation. During the session, the Reiki energy is penetrating into every cell of the body, fills the organs with vital energy that ensures healing. Human touch provides both warmth, love, tenderness and healing. Human touch is a daily need for any living being. When people feel pain, they are instinctively putting their hands on the sore place. After a while, the pain is fading away. This action is the basis of all healing techniques through touch.

The most famous name in the Reiki system is fairly considered to be Mikao Usui. Mikao Usui received the knowledge of Reiki Pham Rey in 1899 from his Teacher Sathya Tanavi. In 1909, he developed a system that allowed using Fam Rei Energy without long years of complex training and practices, which was called Usui Reiki. On this basis, Mikao Usui has created two Reiki societies: Usui Reiki Fam Rei in Nepal (1912) and Usui Reiki Gakkai Ryoho in Japan (1922). The first Reiki system continued development in Tibet as a closed system. The second system – greatly simplified Fam Rei system, artificially created by Mikao Usui due to the requirements and restrictions of the Japanese authorities in the early twentieth century. This system was developed in Japan, and then became well known around the world. After the Teacher’s death, both these societies have been developing completely independently. If the older society kept the Fam Rei system from Mikao Usui in its original form, the younger society was forced to adopt an efficient, but simplified system (by eliminating the second energy channel, many secrete symbols, as well as by replacing 2 Latin characters with Japanese characters). The older society remained closed for a long time.

Original Fam Rei system was opened with the help of the Masters of Grandmaster Reiki Academy, who began an active training according to this system only in the last decade. Reiki Fam Rei absolutely resembles chess. Everything is logical, consistent and in strict compliance with the rules. Therefore, there is no need to invent or acquire cumbersome schemes of sessions. Reiki session is very similar to the chess game. Everything is logical, according to certain rules, and step-by-step, and the illnesses and problems are resisting. And if the Master is well prepared and understands the rules of this game, he always wins.

Currently, anyone can learn the original system from Mikao Usui to the full extent also in Latvia and in Baltic coutries.

The complete Reiki system (Fam Rei) includes three stages of training:

1. The Path of the Student (Levels 1-3), upon completion of which the student becomes a Master (“Reiki Master 3”). Over the course of the training, the prospective Master learns special characters, principles of the work with the energies, principles of self-healing and healing of patients, healing techniques at a distance, healing techniques via the Internet, techniques of Awakening Kundalini, Pranic Breathing, masters group therapy, channel activation, Astral Surgery, foundations of Vibration Therapy, creation of energy artifacts and moral principles of Reiki Masters. The Path of the Student was created by Mikao Usui in 1909

2. The Path of the Master (Levels 4-7), upon completing of which, the Master reaches the level of “Reiki Master 7”. Over the course of the training, the Master learns the principles of four Reiki stages, Secret Symbols, Chakra Transformation Healing, Chaka Cloning and other specific skills related to these high levels. The principles of healing of individual organs and body systems are mastered. The Path of the Master was created by Sathya Nanyokari in 1953.

3. The Path of the Grand Master (Levels 8-9), over the course of which the Master reaches the level of the Grand Master “Reiki Grandmaster 9”. Over the course of the training of the Path of the Grand Master, Reiki Masters need to complete additional training on a special program, during which they are learning Astral Transformation, mastering the techniques of Telepathy, acquire the skills of the work with work with Cellular Intelligence, elemental energies, living and nonliving nature, learning Tibetan Vibrational Therapy and other important skills. Over the course of the training of the Path of the Grand Master, the principles of the two Reiki higher degrees, Secret Symbols, techniques for blocking negative genetic programs and self-destruction programs are mastered.

 The Academy is the Product of the Teachers of an older Reiki society “Usui Reiki Fam Rei”, the Keepers of the Ancient Original Reiki System. The goal of the Academy is to make this Authentic Knowledge available to all. Due to the development of the Internet communications, the Academy teaches Reiki, as well as other practical skills ONLINE in more than 160 countries. OFFLINE seminars and master classes are also available, which are held by trained Teachers, including also in Latvia. Each student receives free access to video and printed materials of the Academy, as well as the uniform certificate in the English language. Besides Reiki Fam Rei – the complete original channel system, you can learn also the other schools in the Academy: Ancient Tibetan Priestly Practices, Mental Energy, Immortality, Cosmogony, Celtic Magic (Ancient Druid Practices), Opening of the Chakras, Practice of Tibetan Meditation, Overcoming Tragic Karma, Development of Astral Vision, Channelling with teachers and soul mates, Clairvoyance, Search for Destination, Discovery of Talents from the Past Lives, etc. Every week, you and your loved ones can participate in the meditations, held by the Teacher healing sessions or discussions with Satya Eo’Than on interesting and important topics free of charge.


You will make the first, but important step by getting acquainted with the ten-day FREE program of Reiki Master training. Remote training. Within 10 days, you will receive 26 lessons to your email. You can then select one of the methods of acquiring of knowledge, ONLINE by Skype and OFFLINE in the Places of Power, or in Riga from the certified Teachers. In accordance with the rules of the Academy, the training is provided in English, Spanish or Russian, but all written training materials you can get and in Latvian, Lithuanian, Estonian and other languages. Upon mastering of each level the Certificate of the Academy is issued in English.